When is the BEST Time to Sell your Biggest Asset?

Sometimes personal circumstances can dictate when we decide to sell our home but we are also influenced that the Spring and Summer months are the best months to sell.

Everything looks so much better when the suns is shining. The only problem with that is there’s so much more choice for buyers. The below chart shows the busiest months for listings and no surprises March and November are the peak months.

However when we add in when buyers are actively looking for properties we can see that starts increasing in August and drops off in the beginning of December. Equally February is a busy month for activity of buyers which drops off as Winter sets in and doesn’t really pick up until end of July. 

The best time to sell is when you have the least amount of competition and the most number of active buyers. Based on the NZ property market – seasonality graph this would appear to be August and September. The balance of supply and demand will have a strong bearing on price achieved for your home so the early bird will be the one to catch the worm.

If you’re upsizing even better to sell in August and September and then get a great deal in October and November when there’s plenty of choice for you.

Here’s some tips to get ahead this spring and not be a laggard

Location, Location, Location – The more attractive your property is the better chance you have of getting best price. When selling your home give it the best possible chance by making sure the gardens are well presented. The driveway has been pressure hosed. First impressions count. Buyers are looking at reasons to rule a property off their shortlist. Don’t make it easy for them. Getting the right agent to sell not only the property but also the area as well is key. Buyers need confidence that your home is in the right location and will be easy to resell. Do your homework. Sometimes it’s not always the agent you sign agreement with that will be doing all the work at the Open Homes. You need an agent that can demonstrate the area is sought after as well as recommending best ways to attract as many buyers through the open homes as possible. Waiting for buyers just to turn up to the open home isn’t good enough to get you the best possible price so ask the agent how will they get your property the greatest exposure

Clearing out – Don’t leave it to the last minute to get rid of all your junk. Have a good look at what you need to live with day to day and start packing away excess books, ornaments and even furniture. After all, when you move, you are going to have to pack it all up anyway.  Minimalistic is better than clutter but empty rooms can also be a turn off as some buyers just can’t visualise where their furniture will fit. Buyers are not used to using their imagination, so engage the services of the right agent will help you present all your rooms in their best light.
Realistic price expectations - The one thing that will undo all your hard work is an unrealistic price. Obviously, you do not want to give the place away, but you do need to take your agent's advice, as well as do your own research on recent sale prices. Human nature dictates that we always want to get the highest possible price for our own property regardless of whether we’re selling a car or a home.
Equally when we’re buying something we want a bargain. The best outcome is when both parties can agree on a fair price. This negotiation starts taking place from Day 1 and not when an offer is made. Buyers will always ask what price the vendors are looking for. If an agent starts quoting highest possible prices buyers will simply walk away. Ask your agent what tactics they have so they will ensure all opportunities are explored


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