Marketing your property for a successful result

The marketing of your property is vital aspect to creating a successful sale. In general, our vendors want more value for money when marketing of their property. Our marketing system has been designed on how to best benefit vendors and how to get listings in front of the right potential owners.

Through experience, we've found that potential owners are usually under the impression that they have to pay for all promotional aspects involved with listing a property on the market.

Photographing your property is on us! We have a professional photographer, experienced in capturing the essence of each property for a successful marketing campaign. As technology advances, the availability of drones has made the cost of getting a camera in the air much cheaper and we now use drones to take aerial shots of larger properties. This enables us to capture unique view points of properties and gives customers a better scope of larger properties.

Our customers often tell us that floor plans make all the difference when they are looking back on potential properties after attending the open homes. We listen to our customers and because of this, we offer free floor plans for your property to be included in the promotional activities of your home.

We use a range of promotional mediums to advertise your property to potential buyers from traditional methods to online marketing. By using a variety of marketing strategies and tactics we take advantage of a wider reach and increase sale opportunities.

We live in an online world and recognise the importance of "keeping up with the play". Online platforms such as social media allow us to reach a variety of potential leads and customers when marketing your property. Recently, we revamped our Facebook page and improved our online promotional activities to create greater engagement with potential clients and customers.

One of the best things about social media, it is where people spend their attention. Effective marketing relies on finding where people spend their attention and then promoting your message in that space. Social media has functions which allow promotional material to be directed at specific audiences who are interested in specific things. Promoting current listings to people who are actually interested in Real Estate makes a lot of sense. We spend more effectively when doing social media correctly.

Apart from being a fun place to "kill-time", social media is largely becoming the most cost effective marketing tool driving pre-qualified leads directly to content they are interested in boosting the likelihood of the right listing being seen by the right people.

Our marketing team do a great job in promoting our vendor's homes attested to by our consistent stream of sales. We let vendors know how their properties will be marketed in their free, no obligation property appraisal. Get in touch with us today, send us a message on Facebook. It's just a click away.


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